Co-founder of CoderDojo "Bill Liao" visits Japan, talking about the 1st CoderDojo and the global vision.

Sat, 18 May 2019 16:00 - 18:00 JST

Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets

Nishi-Waseda 3-14-11, Shinjuku, Tokyo


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In 2018 James Whelton, one of co-founders of CoderDojo, visited CoderDojo Japan. In 2019 the other co-founder, Bill Liao, will also visit!! 😆🎉✨

We will have a casual meetup with Bill's talk about "The 1st CoderDojo and the global vision." in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 🗣✨

Feel free to join in and let's talk with him! 🤝☯️

Users to Creators: Bill Liao and James Whelton at TEDxCIT

Bill Liao short bio

Bill Liao (born William Fu Wei Liao, 1967) is an Australian entrepreneur. He is a venture partner with SOSV and listed as an influential investor on Twitter. He is married with three children and lives in Cork, Ireland.

He founded CoderDojo with James Whelton in 2011.

Bill Liao - Wikipedia
(Photo Credit: HowardLake)

cf. Bill Liao - Wikipedia


  • Date: May 18th (Sat) 4-6pm
  • Venue: Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets
  • Fee: Free! 🆓
    • You can order a drink and sweets at cafe if you prefer. 🍵✨
  • Schedule:
    • 4:00: Registration open
    • 4:10: Introduction
    • 4:15: Short presentations (1/2)
      • 1. "Me, Scratch, and CoderDojo - 7th year since starting a dojo." by @mjk_0513
      • 2. "Data City Shinjuku" by @itoyohei_tw
    • 4:30: Bill's talk, "The 1st CoderDojo and the global vision."
    • 5:00: Q&A + Break
    • 5:20: Short presentations (2/2)
    • 5:50: End
      • The other event start at 7pm, so let's go to Izakaya or sth if any.

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CoderDojo Japan
CoderDojo Japan Association

One of official regional bodies of CoderDojo in Japan (a.k.a. CDJ). CDJ helps starting a dojo, sharing experiences and knowledges between dojos, and collaborating between companies and dojos.

Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets
Kanro - A cafe for Tea and Sweets

Kanro is a cafe for Tea and Sweets located in Shinjuku area. They help holding an event like this. ;)

YassLab Inc.
YassLab Inc.

YassLab runs business on Ruby/Rails and supports open-source communities. This company pays money for the venue and this Doorkeeper event page. (See Support - CoderDojo Kata for details.)

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